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IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal for Florida LPNs and RNs

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Florida Board of Nursing – 12.00 Hours – Reference number: 20-428685

This IV Therapy Online Self-study fulfills the 30 hours Cognitive Training required by the Florida State Board of Nursing for certification of LPN’s to administer IV therapy. Plus it also includes the complete set of clinical competence checklists — to be completed by the LPN within their workplace. After the completion of this self-study module, the certificate of completion will be generated automatically.

The Checklists should be signed by a Registered Nurse licensed by the state of Florida. The signed checklists together with the IV Therapy certification serves as the LPN’s proficiency assessment – to be filed in the LPN’s employee file.


Many State Boards of Nursing require that the LPN have additional infusion therapy education after licensure and Florida is one of those states.

This section of the Florida I.V. Therapy curriculum has been written to provide basic concepts and skills to the nurse who has had limited exposure to infusion therapy principals and practice or requires updated knowledge to comply with current standards.

The Florida Board of Nurses has defined the post-graduate infusion therapy education requirements of the licensed practical nurse who intends to participate in the provision of infusion therapy in the state of Florida.

An excellent refresher for the RN who has not had recent experience and/or is not familiar with the current infusion therapy standards of care.

Provides the didactic portion of the required education. Competency requirements are obtained and maintained through the nurse’s employer, facility or institution.

Price: $124.99


IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal for Florida LPNs and RNs


Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
1. Discuss legal and safety implications of I.V. therapy and blood withdrawal.
2. Discuss anatomy and physiology of veins and arteries as they relate to venipuncture.
3. Identify different equipment’s use for I.V. therapy and blood withdrawal.
4. Discuss psychological preparation of clients.
5. Discuss pediatric, geriatric variations and clients with difficult veins.
6. Discuss complications of I.V. therapy and blood withdrawal.
7. Discuss administration of blood, blood products, and total parenteral nutrition.
8. Demonstrate IV starts and blood draws successfully.


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  • Online Course
  • 124.99
  • 15.00 hours includes study guide
  • Certification upon completion

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