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Cardiac Dysrythmia with Therapeutic Modalities


About this course:

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Enhance your cardiac monitoring skills by enrolling in this course which provides a thorough approach to cardiac dysrhythmia and its treatment modalities, detailed understanding of cardiovascular anatomy and physiology as well of accurate electrode placing.
This online course/class is for RNs, LVNs, CNAs, and RTs.
At the end of the course, the participants will:
1. Describe the structure and function of the heart.
2. Describe the electrical conduction system of the heart.
3. Identify hemodynamic consequences of various rhythms.
4. State normal criteria for ECG measurements.
5. Identify the criteria for sinus, atrial, junctional, heart blocks and ventricular rhythms.
6. Given rhythm strip examples identify the name of the rhythm.

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