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Domestic Violence


About this course:

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Are you having problems on how to approach your patients that suffered from domestic violence? This course is right for you. This module explores the fundamentals of domestic violence including effective approaches to victims and their families.
This online course/class for RN, LVN, RT and CNA will help you understand the dynamics of domestic violence, the effects on adult and child victims, lethal and risk issues, legal remedies for protection, community resources and victim services, reporting requirements, and model protocols for addressing domestic violence.
At the completion of this program, the learners will:
1. Describe the cycle of domestic violence and why some victims stay in abusive relationships.
2. List three physical signs and symptoms of abuse.
3. Identify the most effective techniques for conducting a domestic violence interview.4. State three safety plan instructions for the victim.
5. Identify interventions and resources to provide to victims of domestic violence.
6. Explain three appropriate clinical interventions for the victim of abuse.
7. Complete exam components at a 70% competency.

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