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Infection Control: COVID-19


About this course:

Finish the online class before taking face to face classes.

At the end of this course, the student should be able to: 1. Know the basic facts about COVID-19; 2. Understand how COVID-19 spreads; 3. Explain how to protect oneself from COVID-19; 4. Know how to handle face masks and PPEs, and understand their importance; 5. Obtain the perspective of a healthcare personnel (HCP) on the front lines; 6. Understand signs and symptoms, and how testing takes place; 7. Demonstrate how to take care of COVID-19 patients (critical and non-critical); 8. And lastly, learn what COVID-19 pneumonia is.

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Online Course

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  • Online Course
  • 4.99
  • 4.00 hours
  • Certification upon completion

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