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Implicit Bias


About this course:

Finish the online class before taking face to face classes.

"Implicit Bias in Healthcare" is a one-hour course focusing on unconscious biases in healthcare settings.
The course outline includes:
  1. Introduction to Implicit Bias: Definitions, unconscious nature, prevalence in healthcare.
  2. Impact on Patients: Healthcare disparities, patient-provider communication, brief case study.
  3. Impact on Healthcare Workers: Interactions, team dynamics, microaggressions.
  4. Mitigation Strategies: Self-awareness, empathy, mindfulness, cultural competence.
  5. Conclusion and Next Steps: Ongoing self-reflection, professional development, open dialogue.

This course equips healthcare professionals with knowledge and strategies to address implicit bias, promoting a more patient-centered and inclusive environment.

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Online Course

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  • Online Course
  • 20.00
  • 1.00 hours
  • Certification upon completion

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