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Diabetes and Hypoglycemia


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About 798,000 people are diagnosed with diabetes annually. This means the probability of healthcare professional taking care of a diabetic patient is very high. Understanding the illness helps you provide the best and appropriate care for your patients. This course includes in –depth knowledge on the mechanism of diabetes and hypoglycemia, identifies the signs and symptoms of each, and explores management including the medical interventions use.
This thorough self-study module with instant certificate generation will explore and present diabetes’ systemic impact.
When the student has finished the Diabetes and Hypoglycemia , he/she will be able to:
1. Differentiate different types of diabetes.
2. Describe the pathophysiology of diabetes.
3. Describe diagnostic criteria and procedures for diabetes.
4. Identify treatments for diabetes.
5. Describe complications of diabetes.
6. Discuss aspects of hypoglycemia

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  • 10.00
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