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Critical Care Certification Course


About this course:


Elevate Your Nursing Skills with Educate Simplify's Critical Care Certification Course

Embark on a transformative learning journey with Educate Simplify's Critical Care Certification Course. Priced at just $350, this comprehensive certification program is designed for healthcare professionals, particularly nurses in California, seeking to excel in critical care nursing.

Our course covers an extensive range of topics, including:
  • In-depth understanding of Critical Care (value at $149)
  • Expertise in External Ventricular Drain (EVD) Management (value at $119)
  • Proficiency in Ventilator & Tracheostomy Care (value at $119)

The Critical Care Certification Course by Educate Simplify enhances your existing knowledge of adult health concepts, empowering you to provide exceptional care for patients and their families in acute and critical care settings.

Price: $350.00


Invasive Mechanical Ventilator

It’s important to know the basics of Invasive Mechanical Ventilators; this module is intended to supplement the mechanical ventilation educational needs of nurses who are managing ventilated patients. This includes basic principles of Mechanical Ventilation, Complications, and Nurses' responsibilities during ventilation.
The purpose of this course is to give knowledge on the factors to consider when ventilating patients or when a patient requires mechanical ventilation.

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Introduction to EVD Certification

This course covers essential skills and knowledge for healthcare professionals working with ventilator patients, including key assessments, ventilator management, ethical considerations, and the prevention and management of complications.

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Certificate in Critical Care

This course is for healthcare professionals working with ventilator patients.
It covers key assessments, such as consciousness level, ventilator settings, vital signs, alarms, and endotracheal tube placement. Code status awareness and effective communication are also emphasized. The course provides tips for prioritizing patient wishes and ethical considerations.

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Additional Information

  • Bundle Course
  • 350.00
  • 20.00 hours
  • No Certificate issued upon course completion

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